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Not Growing Anymore

Reliance Growth has lost steam since 2008 & has turned into a non-performer in its category…

Reliance Growth seems to be losing steam. It has dropped to 3 stars. Should I stop my SIPs in this and divert the investment to other scheme such as Reliance Equity Opportunities?
- Govind Kaveri

Reliance Growth is a mid- and small-cap fund which has been losing steam since 2008 when it started to slip in performance. It has been a non-performer in the category losing on its star ratings as well. There are better options available such as DSPBR Micro Cap and HDFC Mid-Cap Opportunities that you can consider investing in.

You can also opt for Reliance Equity Opportunities, a multi-cap fund and one of the good performing funds in its category. Since 2009, the fund has been improving its performance and can be considered for investments.

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