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DSPBR Savings Manager: Conservative and Moderate plans to be merged with Aggressive

DSP BlackRock Mutual Fund has announced that with effect from February 26, 2011 DSPBR Savings Manager Fund - Conservative and DSPBR Savings Manager Fund - Moderate shall be merged into DSPBR Savings Manager Fund - Aggressive.

Subsequent to the merger, DSPBR Saving Manager- Aggressive shall be renamed as DSPBR Savings Manager Fund. The new fund proposes to invest 75-100% of its assets in Debt and Money Market Securities and upto 25% of its assets in Equity and Equity related securities.

Investors who wish to continue can do so without doing anything. However, investors who want to exit from the scheme can redeem their units between January 27, 2011 and February 25, 2011 without paying any exit load.