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Track your investments once a year to know your progress

I’m 25 years old and have been investing through SIPs over the past two years. The SIP amount is Rs1,000 in each fund, totalling Rs 5,000 per month. I intend to invest for 20 years and buy a house which will cost me Rs 3 crore. Each year I will increase my SIP amount by Rs1,000, taking it to Rs6,000 per month till I reach Rs10,000 per month. Will these funds help me reach my target?
- Shoeb Rupani

Your Portfolio
Your fund selection  Equity category  Star rating
DSPBR Top 100 Large Cap ****
Sundaram Select Focus Large Cap **
HDFC Top 200 Large & Mid Cap *****
Sundaram Select Midcap Mid & Small Cap ****
HDFC Equity Multi Cap ****
Rating as on November 30, 2010

Your fund selection is good. These are all good performers with proven track records. Your portfolio is fairly well diversified with 66 per cent in large caps. Currently, your top sector holding is Financials (22%). Our only grouse is that you are not well diversified across fund houses; five funds from three fund houses is a bit too concentrated in terms of Asset Management Company (AMC) selection.

There is no harm in continuing with your current portfolio. However, if you do want to tweak it, replace Sundaram Select Focus with IDFC Imperial Equity and HDFC Equity with Reliance Regular Savings Equity. Your large cap exposure will stay the same and you will be diversified across fund houses.

you want to accumulate Rs3 crore over 20 years based on the investment figures you have suggested, your portfolio must be able to deliver an annualised return of 24 per cent. There is no way such a performance is guaranteed. Neither can we predict how these funds will perform in future. Keep reviewing your selection every year.

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