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Online investing is convenient and provides for real time portfolio value

I am 28 and want to invest Rs 4,000-Rs 5,000 per month in equity mutual funds. I would like to know how can I invest online and keep track of my investments?

If this is your first mutual fund investment, you are a bit late to join the investment bandwagon. However, you can make up for it by being regular in investing now on. We would suggest you go with a balanced fund to start with to experience mutual fund investing and understand how your investments grow over the next six months. You can start investing in funds such as HDFC Prudence or Reliance Regular Savings Balanced fund. You can later move to a large-cap fund such as DSPBR Top 100 or IDFC Imperial Equity Plan A.

You can start investing online either directly with an AMC or through your demat account holding in a brokerage or through third party websites that support buying and selling of mutual funds. These are all simple to use and operate to buy and sell fund units. These also offer additional facilities through which you can view and analyse your fund holdings.

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