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Higher Education Strategy

Invest in a large-cap fund for the long-term to achieve this goal.

I want to Invest Rs 4-5 lakh in mutual funds for my daughter's higher education. What funds should I invest in? I will need the sum 4-5 years from now.
- SK Mittal

Investing in mutual funds works the best when it is done in a disciplined manner for which one needs to be regular and systematic. We would recommend you not to invest the lump sum into any fund. You should consider investing through SIPs in a large-cap and large- and mid-cap funds to build your portfolio. These would include large-cap funds such as DSPBR Top 100 or IDFC Imperial Equity Plan A and large- and mid-cap funds such as HDFC Top 200, Birla Sun Life Frontline Equity Plan A or Fidelity Equity. Do remember to track the performance of your fund holding at least once a year to check the progress of your fund's performance.

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