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Principal MF discontinues payout and sweep facility

Effective August 7, 2010, Principal Mutual Fund has decided to discontinue the payout and sweep facility because no investor have availed these facility under few of the debt schemes.

Schemes  Frequency  Faciliyt
Principal Money Manager Fund (Reg. and Inst.) Daily, Weekly Sweep, Payout
Principal Cash Management - Liquid (Reg.) Daily, Weekly Sweep
Principal Cash Management - Liquid (Inst.and Inst. Premium) Daily, Weekly Sweep, Payout
Principal Floating Short Maturity (Reg.) Daily, Weekly Sweep
Principal Floating Short Maturity (Inst.) Daily, Weekly Sweep, Payout
Principal Floating Flexible Maturity (Reg.) Daily, Weekly Sweep
Principal Floating Flexible Maturity (Inst.) Daily, Weekly Sweep, Payout
Principal Ultra Short Term (Reg.) Daily, Weekly Sweep
Principal Income Short Term (Inst.) Weekly Sweep