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Tata MF declares dividend

Tata Mutual fund has declared dividend on six of its schemes. The record date is September 17, 2009. The name of the schemes are:

Schemes Gross Dividend Per unit NAV
Tata MIP-DQ Rs 0.1496 Rs 12.5514
Tata MIP Plus-DQ Rs 0.1496 Rs 10.9880
Tata MIP Plus-DH Rs 0.3008 Rs 11.7616
Tata GSF-DQ Rs 0.1247 Rs 12.0081
Tata GSF HI-DQ Rs 0.1247 Rs 12.3941
Tata GSF Short Maturity-DQ Rs 0.1247 Rs 10.9927
NAV as on September 10, 2009