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BA Liquid, BA Treasury Advantage: Intro. of Additional Facility

Bharti AXA MF has introduced the Dividend Transfer Option and Liq-uity Facility under all the plans of the Bharti AXA Liquid and Bharti AXA Treasury Advantage Fund, w.e.f. June 12, 2009. Certain provisions regarding the scheme are listed below:

1. The amount of the dividend declared in Bharti AXA Liquid (BALF) and Bharti AXA Treasury Adv. Fund(BATrAF) under the new option shall be invested in Bharti AXA Equity Fund (BAEF) or in any other scheme as decided by the AMC
2. The dividends due to the unitholders will be compulsorily transferred to BAEF (Regular or Eco plan), which
constitute the constructive payment of dividends to the unitholders from BALF/BATrAF. Eco Plan shall be the
default plan.

3. Minimum Application amount for fresh investments:

BA Liquid Fund:
Regular: Rs.10 lakh
Institutional Plan: RS.1 Crore
Super Instititutional Plan: Rs. 25 crore
BA Treasury advantage Fund
Regular Plan:Rs.10 lakh
Institutional Plan: Rs.1 crore.
4. The following load structure shall apply to the investors investing in BAEF under both Eco and regular Plans:
Entry Load: NIL
Exit Load: 1%, if redeemed within 6 months.