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Which is the best fund?

Dhirendra Kumar gives quick answers to some queries posed to him on a television show.

Dhirendra Kumar hosts a weekly TV programme where he answers questions related to mutual funds. We have briefly reproduced the transcript here.
Name of programme: Fund ka Funda
Time of programme: 1.30 pm/Sunday
Channel: Star News
Q) I want to invest Rs 50,000. Suggest some 5-star rated funds which are growth-oriented. I do not mind taking the risk.
- V S Thakur
Magnum Global, Reliance Growth and Birla Mid Cap have a good return potential. But remember that they come with a higher risk.

Q) I invested Rs 50,000 in Franklin Prima Plus - dividend reinvestment. Whic is better - growth or reinvestment?
From the point of view of returns, both are similar.

Q) I have Rs 2 lakh deposited in bankearning 8.5 per cent per annum . I can keep this invested for 5 years. Any suggestions?
- Sushil Ferozpur
You can consider investing in a couple of good balanced funds. But do that only if you can take risk with this money as there is no guarantee of the safety of capital here.

Q) I started a monthly SIP in Franklin Oppurtunities Fund. Should I continue or shift to DSPML Opportunities? My investment horizon is 12 years.
- Rooti
Franklin India Opportunities is an aggressive fund. It has a high-return potential with a higher risk. If you are comfortable with that, stay invested.

Q) I want to invest Rs 1,000 per month for 10 years in Reliance Vision or HDFC Equity. Which one should I pick?
- Yogesh Gupta
Both are good funds.

Q) I have an SIP of Rs 5,000 in DSPML Technology.com. Is that good?
- R S Rathore
You can stay invested if you want a concentrated exposure to technology stocks. Otherwise, it will be better to switch to a good diversified equity fund.

Q) I want to invest Rs 50,000 in a mutual fund. Suggest one.
- A S Kale
Invest in a couple of good balanced funds via an SIP.