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Mastering Basics

Learn the nitty gritties through our website

Our website tends to target a more sophisticated investor. Or at least one who has a basic grasp of financial jargon. But our intention is to serve every single investor. So novices need not feel excluded. We have a section where they can start off before they get to talk like the pros. 

The ‘Learning Centre’ is packed with stuff.

To start off, we suggest you go through the articles which will help you get a solid foundation. Get cracking by understanding the advantages of investing in a mutual fund. How mutual funds differ from stocks and why a new fund offering (NFO) is quite different from an initial public offering (IPO). Is a low net asset value (NAV) really a good buy? Should you buy a scheme which has a lower NAV than another? Is the Rs 10 NFO price a great entry point? Does the size of a fund really matter? Is big better?

Then comes the next step, navigating in a world of clutter. What do we mean by that? There are hundreds of schemes out there, how must you decide on which one to opt for and which ones to bypass? Should you buy a sector scheme? What about a dividend paying option? We guide you. But narrowing down on your investment is just starting point. How do proceed with an investment plan?

That’s when you move on to understanding why asset allocation is so important. The benefits of a systematic investment plan (SIP) and the importance of monitoring your investment. How a systematic transfer plan (STP) operates.

Fund Dictionary

Are there any terms that are frequently being used but you cannot get a hold of their meaning? Then look up the online dictionary.


We are proud of our tools which go a long way in helping investors draw comparisons between various schemes. This helps them decide which one to invest in as well as monitor their current investments. There are six tools that you can utilize. Do note, these tools, and many more such as Portfolio Makeover, can also be accessed from the home page. But our suggestion is that you get familiar with these basic six tools before you start deploying the others.

Vital Stats

This is a more technical section where we talk about the meaning of various ratios, look at different volatility measures and investing styles.

Ask Value Research

What if you have a query? Readers are free to write in with their questions regarding mutual funds. We answer them here. But not all, after all there are so many that come in daily. Though chances are if you go through them, most of your queries, if not all, will be answered.

As you can see, there is plenty of stuff to read and understand in this section. We recommend that if you are new to the world of investing or want to increase your knowledge, spend some time here. You understanding of this investment vehicle will increase tremendously.

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