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A 10-Year Concern

The difference between some funds should be looked at to maximize gains

I have been investing since 2001 in Tata Young Citizen’s Fund and Tata Tax Saving. Should I remain in it?

For an investor like you, who has been consistently investing for the last eight years, your needs should act as guiding principles. And that applies to whether you should exit or not.

However, here is a helpful hint. If you are not in need of the money, then Tata Tax Saving Fund is a good fund. Tata's other fund that you mentioned, the Young Citizens Fund is a bit of a conservative fund. If you have invested for your child and you want the money in the next three-four years, then let this amount be. But if the child is small and you want to invest for 10 years then it is not the best fund. You can invest in Tata’s Pure Equity Fund, or Equity PE Fund, as they are better options for a 10-year period.

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