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Upset Over UTI MF

To exit or remain invested? A long-term investor has voiced his concern

In 1986, I had invested in UTI Mutual Fund's Master Share and in 1992 I had also done so in Master Plus and Master Gain. Should I remain invested or exit?

All these funds have been doing reasonably well recently. In fact, improvements in their performance has spanned the last two to three years.

You must have got dividend from Master Share, which is the oldest of these funds. Master Plus’ performance has been good too. Master Gain’s name has been changed and it is now known as UTI Equity Fund. The latter’s performance is also not below average.

If you are not in need of money, then you should remain invested. If you want to choose any one fund out of these three, then you can put all the money in UTI Equity.

Check out performance:
UTI Equity

Master Share

Master Plus

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