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Retirement Options

Various funds exist that can provide an investor a tailor-made solution

Can you elaborate on the UTI Retirement Benefit Plan?

The way the structure has been configured, this is a very conservative balanced fund. If you are very close to your retirement, then it might prove to be very conservative and beneficial for you.

But if you are not close to your retirement, then a generic balanced fund, which invests up to 65 per cent of its money in equity, would be a good option. In that case UTI Balanced Fund is a good option and so is HDFC Prudence or Kotak Balanced Fund.

I had purchased Jaiprakrash Associates shares on September 10, 2009. However the company has announced the bonus share in the ratio of 1:2 on October 21, 2009. Am I eligible?

You bought it and then the announcement came. The assumption is that the issuance of bonus share happens based on the record date announced by the company. So, if you own the share, you would be entitled for the bonus share and record date for this would for a future date. And exactly after the record date, the next day, your demat account should reflect the credit of the bonus share. All shareholders on the record date are entitled for the bonus share.

So, if you bought the shares and the announcement came one-and-a-half months later, means you are likely to get it. Just check the record date. Your demat account should reflect the credit on the record date.

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