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Dividends in Monthly Income Plans (MIP)


With a highly conservative stance on their equity allocation, Monthly Income Plans (MIP) dole out another payout for month of June. Sun F&C MIP paid a second highest monthly dividend of 0.8%( Rs 0.08 per unit) after July 2000. The scheme also announced a fourth quarterly dividend of 2.4% (Rs 0.24 per unit), the record dates being June 25, 2001 for both the pay-outs.

Since its launch in November 2000, Birla MIP has also paid a 5th consecutive dividend of 0.82% (Rs 0.082 per unit) in its monthly dividend option.

The Prudential-ICICI MIP launched in October 2000, has declared a record date of June 29, 2001 for its 8th monthly pay-out.

Alliance MIP and Magnum MIP , the first and the latest member in the MIP family respectively are yet to announce payouts for the month of June.

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