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Common Man's Portfolio

Over-investment in a sectoral fund can be very dangerous

Should I remain invested in Reliance Diversified Power Fund and Reliance Equity Advantage Fund?

Reliance Diversified Power Fund does not fit into a common man’s portfolio. For instance, if you invested Rs 1 lakh in equity, then Rs 10,000 of this can be invested in this fund. But if you invested 50 per cent of the total amount in this fund, then it is a dangerous way to manage your equity portfolio.

Reliance Equity Advantage Fund is a good fund and is relatively new and you should remain invested in it.

I invested in Reliance Mutual Fund to the extent of Rs 10,000 in July, but the money has not reached the account?

An account statement must have come to you. You should not take this thing lightly. When you invested there must have been a debit from your account. According to procedures, after investment, an account statement is sent and you have to sign it, otherwise there cannot be any redemption. There is definitely something wrong.

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