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Mutual Fund Calculator: Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

A mutual fund calculator, also known as a mutual fund return calculator, is a financial tool that helps investors assess their potential earnings from various mutual fund investments.

Value Research's Mutual Fund Calculator considers several factors to compute your potential investment value after a certain period. These factors include the fund's name, minimum monthly investment, time duration and by how much you want to increase your SIP every year.

Once you have provided the necessary details, click the 'Show SIP Returns' tab. You will see the estimated value of your investment along with the expected annual returns.

If you have specific goals such as buying a home, investing in your child's education, or planning for retirement but are unsure how to meet them, Value Research's Mutual Fund Calculator can be handy. The tool helps you explore various investment scenarios and compare across mutual fund options to determine which investment aligns with your financial objectives.

Further, the calculator helps you strategise your portfolio so that you are on track to meet your financial aspirations.

If you don’t know which fund you want to invest in, you can find a list of calculators tailored for different fund houses. Go to ‘Other AMC calculators’ and click on any of the 43 fund house names. You will then get a list of the various funds offered by the respective AMC, choose any one, and enter the monthly investment amount and time duration to get the estimated worth of your investment.

Yes. Value Research’s Mutual Fund Calculator is free for all users. All you need to do is log in to Value Research Online using your email address and start using the Mutual Fund Calculator to make well-informed investment decisions.