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Kotak pays dividend in three funds

Kotak Mutual Fund has announced dividends in three of its debt funds-: K Gilt Unit Scheme '98, K Bond Unit Scheme '99 and K Liquid. The record date for all the scheme was June 25, 2001.

K Gilt Unit Scheme '98, Investment plan paid a quarterly dividend of 6.40% (Rs 0.64 per unit). Along with an aggregate dividend payout of 27.44%, the fund has posted a return of 14.35% since its launch in December 1998.

The Savings plan of K Gilt Unit Scheme '98 paid a monthly dividend of 1% (Rs 0.10 per unit). The fund has paid an aggregate dividend of 19.72% till date.

K Liquid , an open ended Cash fund paid a weekly dividend of 0.143% (Rs 0.0143 per unit).

A dividend of 3% (Rs 0.30 per unit) was paid in the wholesale and deposit plan of K Bond Unit Scheme '99. The wholesale and deposit plans launched in November 1999, have paid aggregate dividends of 17.67% and 15.44% respectively.