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The fund will invest in the companies operating in the infrastructure sector and its related and supporting industries. The fund will primarily invest between 70-100 per cent in equity and equity-related instruments and can invest up to 0-30 per cent in debt and money market instruments. The fund may also invest up to 25 per cent of its corpus in ADR/GDR and equities of companies listed overseas (with a market cap of at least $1 billion).

The units of the fund are available at Rs 10 per unit and the minimum application amount is Rs 1,000.

During the new fund offer period, an entry load of 1 per cent will be levied on application size of less than Rs 1 crore and 0.5 per cent on application size between Rs 1 crore and Rs 3 crore. There is no entry load for investments above Rs 3 crore and for those opting for systematic investment plan.

During the continuous offer period, the entry load will be as follows: Up to Rs 1 crore - 2.25 per cent; above Rs 1 crore but less than Rs 3 crore - 1.5 per cent; Above Rs 3 crore - 1 per cent. No load is payable under systematic investment plan.

The fund will disclose its portfolio half-yearly.

Type of scheme: Open-ended Equity Thematic Fund
Minimum investment: Rs 1,000
Fund Manager: RK Gupta
Benchmark Index: BSE 200
Offer Price: Rs 10 per unit
Offer opens: February 5, 2007
Offer closes: March 5, 2007