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A Special Message

At Value Research, we are celebrating four years of our magazine Mutual Fund Insight with a special anniversary issue.

Birthdays and anniversaries normally rank high on sentimental value. And while, by nature, I am far from affected by such dates, I tend to adopt a different posture where my magazine is concerned.

So I am quite proud to (rather unabashedly) announce that Mutual Fund Insight, the only dedicated mutual fund magazine in the country, has just completed four years of existence. And, our anniversary issue has hit the stands.

Now don't worry. We have not packed the pages with mundane nostalgia of how we have grown over the past few years. And neither have we featured a retrospective on how the mutual fund industry evolved too.

Instead of a peek into the past, we decided to celebrate this anniversary a tad differently. Our anniversary issue focuses on forward looking articles. And, this time we attempted to even step out of the mutual fund arena.

With our focal point on a comprehensive view to wealth management, we dealt with a variety of subjects.

We spoke about how one should approach insurance and the disadvantage of employing it as an investment avenue. We also lucidly explained how one should go about objectively figuring out how much insurance they need.

Though everyone is currently gung-ho about equities, we tackled fixed-return investments that offer a tax benefit under Section 80C.

Under 'Freedom Plans', we narrowed down on five different life stages and came up with broad guidelines on how one can work towards achieving financial freedom at each stage.

Naturally, we cannot ignore our pet subject. This time we presented India 's top 50 mutual funds. Based on our cutting-edge and upto date analysis that you have come to expect every single month, we zeroed in on the winners.

All the above is in addition to the regular columns and articles that appear every month in the magazine.

So do pick up an issue, or better still, buy a subscription . It will go a long way in helping you achieve your goal of wealth creation and financial freedom.

And yes, happy birthday to you too dear reader.

Dhirendra Kumar
Mutual Fund Insight