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Pru ICICI MF Revises Load Structure

Prudential ICICI Mutual Fund has revised the load structure effective June 1, 2006 under its equity and balanced schemes.

The applicable load structure would be as follows:

Scheme Entry Load Exit Load
Pru ICICI Balanced 2.25% Nil
Pru ICICI Discovery 2.25% Nil
Pru ICICI Dynamic 2.25% Nil
Pru ICICI Emerging S.T.A.R. 2.25% Nil
Pru ICICI FMCG 2.25% Nil
Pru ICICI Growth 2.25% Nil
Pru ICICI Infrastructure 2.25% Nil
Pru ICICI Power 2.25% Nil
Pru ICICI Services Industries 2.25% Nil
Pru ICICI Child Care-Gift 1.50% 1%, if redeemed within 3 years
Pru ICICI Child Care-Study 1.50% 1%, if redeemed within 3 years
Pru ICICI Index Nil 0.50%, if redeemed within 1 year