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Are the Growth and Dividend options of a fund managed separately? The Growth and Dividend options of Sundaram Capex Opportunities have different assets and portfolios

Are the Growth and Dividend options of same fund managed separately? I have seen the Sundaram Capex Opportunities (G) and Sundaram Capex Opportunities (D) which have different asset size and different portfolio distribution. Asset size of funds which is shown in Value Research site, is it inclusive of both Growth and Dividend or only of Growth?

The growth and dividend options of the same fund are not managed separately. Generally, all the funds have a common portfolio for all the options, be it growth, dividend re-investment, dividend payout or bonus.

The segregation among the various options is more of an accounting job and there is no distinction as far as the portfolio is concerned. Hence, the asset size of the funds that you see on the website of Value Research is also inclusive of all the options that the fund might be offering. However, you have rightly pointed out the case of Sundaram Capex Opportunities which is quite unique in the sense that even the portfolios are maintained and managed separately for each of them. Effectively, you can treat them as two different funds rather than mere options of the same fund. And therefore, Value Research website lists both of them separately as two distinct funds with their respective asset sizes.

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