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Pru ICICI Introduces FII Option Under 4 Schemes

Prudential ICICI Mutual Fund has introduced the FII Option under the following schemes with effect from March 27, 2006:

Prudential ICICI Emerging STAR Fund Prudential ICICI Infrastructure Fund Prudential ICICI Dynamic Plan Prudential ICICI Long Term Floating Rate Plan

Foreign Institutional Investors registered with SEBI will be eligible to invest under the FII option. The minimum application amount will be Rs 1 lakh and no entry and exit load will be charged.The FII option offers only growth plan.

The aforesaid provisions regarding the minimum application amount and the loads will also be applicable to the following schemes under which FII option is presently available:

Prudential ICICI Growth Plan Prudential ICICI Power Prudential ICICI Discovery Fund Prudential ICICI Liquid Plan Prudential ICICI Flexible Income Plan