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An Above Average Performer

Since its launch in June 2003, UTI Liquid Cash Regular has performed well to beat the category average returns consistently

UTI Liquid Cash Regular has shown remarkably good performance and has always tried to improve on the margin by which it beats the category average. In the year 2004, the fund gave a return of 4.56 per cent when the category average was 4.43 per cent.

At present the fund manages Rs 2,326.93 crore and is ranked among the biggest funds in the category. The fund's assets increased sharply in March 2004, when they nearly doubled to reach Rs 3,203 crore. As far as its holdings are concerned the fund has steadily increased the AAA rated corporate debt instruments. Cash and bank deposits constitute 11.56 per cent of net assets. It maintains quite a reasonable expense ratio. In March, 2005, its expenses were to the tune of 0.40 per cent.

The fund has maintained the average maturity of its debt instruments at low levels, thereby making the portfolio less risky. The minimum amount of investment is Rs 1 lakh, one of the highest among the cash funds.