The Birth of a Lion | Value Research After the TIGER Fund, a new LION Fund is about to surface for Indian investors. Who says the cats are likely to be extinct?
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The Birth of a Lion

After a TIGER, it's the turn of a LION! ING Vysya Mutual Fund has filed an offer document with the SEBI to launch a diversified equity fund by the name of ING Vysya LION Fund.

The fund will invest in stocks across the entire market capitalisation range, with the proposed allocations being 20-100 per cent of the assets in large-cap stocks, 0-70 per cent in mid-caps and 0-40 per cent in small caps. It will also have an option to invest up to 25 per cent of its assets in money market instruments. The fund will be benchmarked against BSE 100 index.

The LION Fund awaits SEBI's approval. With the big cats on the verge of extinction in our jungles, at least mutual funds are doing their bit.

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