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HDFC MF to Launch Multi-Cap Fund

And now, a multi-cap fund from HDFC Mutual Fund.

Named as HDFC Premier Multi-Cap, the fund aims to generate capital appreciation through investments in diversified portfolio of mid-cap and bluechip stocks.

The fund's exposure to large and mid-cap companies would range between 35 to 65 per cent in each and up to a maximum of 85 per cent in both if combined. The rest would be deployed in debt and money market instruments.

The fund's IPO opens on February 28 and will continue till March 21, 2005. The minimum investment has been fixed at Rs 5,000 and in multiples of Rs 1,000 thereof. The fund would charge an entry load of 2.25 per cent during the IPO period and thereafter for investments up to Rs 5 crore. Beyond that, no entry load would be applicable.

The fund has been benchmarked against S&P CNX 500. Dhawal Mehta would manage the fund.