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Prudential ICICI Changes Benchmark Indices

Prudential ICICI MF will be effecting the following change in benchmark indices of various schemes of the AMC from August 30, 2004 –

SchemeRevised Benchmark Index
Prudential ICICI Gilt Fund - Investment
Prudential ICICI Income Multiplier Fund
Crisil MIP Blended Index
Prudential ICICI Flexible Income Plan
Crisil Composite Bond Index
Prudential ICICI Technology Fund
BSE Tech Index
Prudential ICICI Advisor Series - Very Cautious
Crisil Short Term Bond Index-30%
Crisil Liquid Fund Index-70%
Prudential ICICI Advisor Series - Cautious
Crisil Composite Bond Index-70%
Crisil Liquid Fund Index-15%
Prudential ICICI Advisor Series - Moderate
Crisil Composite Bond Index-40%
Crisil Liquid Fund Index-20%
Prudential ICICI Advisor Series - Aggressive
Crisil Composite Bond Index-25%
Crisil Liquid Fund Index-5%