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New Schemes From Deutsche AMC

Deutsche AMC has announced the launch of two new schemes-Deutsche Investment Opportunity Fund and Deutsche MIP Fund. The schemes will be open for initial offer between January 15, 2004 and January 29, 2004.

Deutsche Investment Opportunity Fund will be a dynamic equity fund. The fund will have the freedom to remain fully invested (100 per cent equity) or move to a situation where the equity exposure is as low as 5 per cent. The fund will benchmark its performance against the BSE 200 index. Deutsche Investment Opportunity Fund will have growth and dividend options. Entry into the fund will require a minimum investment of Rs 5000.

Deutsche MIP Fund will be an open-ended income scheme, whose primary objective will be to generate regular income. As with all open-end MIPs, there is no assurance or guarantee on the regularity or quantum of dividend pay-outs. The MIP will have two plans-A and B. Under plan A equity exposure can go upto a maximum of 20 per cent, while under plan B, maximum equity exposure is 10 per cent. Both plans will offer growth and dividend option. Deutsche MIP Fund will have a minimum investment limit of Rs 25,000 for the dividend option and Rs 5,000 for the growth option.