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Wealth Insight's June issue is out!

Explore what our latest edition covers

Wealth Insight’s June issue is out!

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A company needs profits to survive. But the current wave of loss-making startups and the venture capitalists that keep them alive have forgotten this simple rule.

For our cover feature of 'Wealth Insight' June 2023, we used our novel filters to check the profitability of a business. Based on these filters, we arrived at a list of 100 most-profitable Indian companies. These can be the starting point for adding winners to your portfolio.

Here's what else we are covering in this edition:

  • Why great companies can sometimes be bad buys
    We look at cases when great companies might not be good buys. Check out our list of overvalued stocks with strong fundamentals.
  • Venture capitalist Peter Thiel's insights into creating successful businesses
    Learn about his golden rules for building a business that dominates the competition.
  • The growth path of a leading chemical company, SRF
    We explore how SRF expanded into different product segments and acquired multiple companies. Learn about the story behind a true chemical giant.
  • Saurabh Mukherjea explains how high corporate tax affects India's corporate capex
    He highlights how lowering corporate tax can do away with the need for Production Linked Incentives.
  • Interview with Pankaj Tibrewal, fund manager at Kotak Mutual Fund
    The veteran fund manager outlines the themes and sectors he is betting on. He also explains the investing mistakes one should avoid and how to deal with setbacks.
  • Sanjeev Pandiya talks about the potential decline of the US dollar
    We've brought back an old friend! Our guest columnist talks about why the global economy may dethrone the USD from its reserve currency status. Also, he highlights some contenders for the reserve currency status.
  • Want to identify the current market frontrunners?
    Check out our Big Moves section for the latest market movements, performing companies, and long-term outlooks.

And like every issue we have:

  • News and stocks that moved the market.
  • Market barometer highlighting current valuation and return potential of the market.
  • Index watch, stock screens, and other data stories.

Wealth Insight is a monthly magazine that covers a detailed analysis of companies, timely market insights, and stock screens to help you build a winning stock portfolio.

Wealth Insight is available in print and digital format.

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