Laughter (and lessons) shouldn’t stop | Value Research This week in Laughing Stock, we look at Sula IPO, SBI, crypto, HDFC Bank and FIFA
Laughing Stock

Laughter (and lessons) shouldn't stop

This week in Laughing Stock, we look at Sula IPO, SBI, crypto, HDFC Bank and FIFA

Laughter (and lessons) shouldn’t stop

Before we start trolling capital market guys left and right, we would like to apologise for not doing this for the last two weeks. But due to unbelievable demand from readers (literally one email) we have decided to do it despite being buried in a tonne of work (writing one page). We may have missed a week or two but that does not, in any way, mean that we have lost touch. Here we are once again, with some great memes.

HDFC Bank shareholders have not been having a good last one, two to three years. But looking at PSU banks is tempting right? It's like a person on diet checking out junk food.

There's something with these SME IPOs, dude. We are against IPOs but SME IPOs? Nah, still against, no matter how attractive they are. (Also props to you if you recognise this Wednesday template)

Everytime Bitcoin goes down, crypto analysts say that it always bottoms out before reaching record highs again. I'm just wondering whether it will happen when it goes to 0.

Let's just say they might need some therapy after this year. Feeling sad for them.

Have you been a Sula customer? Was your experience good? That will highly influence your decision to apply for the IPO. Just make sure you are not being a customer while being an investor.

I didn't know that the future only lasts for six months. Maybe I'm too old for the future.

Not gonna lie, it is highly tempting to cut the front of my passbook to show my support. Hope my intrusive thoughts don't win.

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