Beware, these biases might be hurting your investments

Being aware of who you are is perhaps the most critical (but the most ignored) step in your investing journey

Behavioural Bias in Investing | 4 Behavioural Biases and How to Overcome Them

Welcome for your detox.

Since we are our biggest enemies in our daily lives, our prejudices often jaundice our investing life too. This is why we have compiled a list of deeply-embedded biases that are holding us back in the money department.

Don't believe you have any shortcomings? Feel free to evaluate yourself with an open mind.

In a few minutes, you may come out of it as a better investor than right now.

Conservatism bias

Confirmation bias

Hindsight bias

Illusion of control bias

Loss aversion bias

Self control bias

Status quo bias

Regret aversion bias

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