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Are Value Research Premium and Stock Advisor the same?

Your questions, our answers

P Trinadh wants to know briefly about Value Research's services - Stock Advisor and Value Research Premium, and if either of the two is sufficient.

To answer your question, who would be better than Dhirendra Kumar himself. Watch the video where he explains the two services.
Check out this story on how the Stock Advisor service recommends stocks.
ou can visit Value Research Premium and Value Research Stock Advisor to know more.

An anonymous person wants to know the investment approach if they have a lump sum of Rs 10 lakh available for investment. Also, should that be invested in one go or through SIPs?

Hello Mr/Mrs Anonymous! Dhirendra Kumar already addressed this question in one of the earlier sessions. Watch it here.

Read this story if you're confused between taking the lump sum or the SIP route.

Another anonymous user has written to us stating that their daughter has received some lump sum amount as a gift from her grandparent and she wants to use that for her post-graduation program, which is five years from now. Which funds would be suitable for her?

You should have some exposure to equities if your investment horizon is five years or more. Read this story to know about the investment options available to you.

Alternatively, you can also check out Value Research Premium, where answering a couple of questions will get you a ready-made list of suggested funds as per your own needs and goals. Here's a walkthrough to show you what the service can do for you.

A Premium member, Akshay Jha, wants to invest Rs 10 lakh for 10 years. Which mutual funds should he go for?

Greetings Mr Jha! First of all, if you are a Premium member, we suggest you explore Value Research Premium. It has a lot to offer. One of the features is Portfolio Planner, which recommends a list of funds considering your investment capacity, experience, time horizon, etc. We certainly believe you will get your answer with only a few clicks. Hope this helps.

Another Value Research Premium user wants to invest Rs 10,000 per month for five years in mutual funds. What would be the best funds for them?

Hello Premium user! For a time horizon of five years or more, invest in equities. Dhirendra Kumar explains this perfectly in this video. Also, as described above, you can check out Value Research Portfolio Planner and get the best fund suggestions suitable for you.

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