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Can I upgrade/convert my Value Research Stock Advisor subscription to VR Premium?

Dhirendra Kumar sheds light on the differences between VR Premium and VR Stock Advisor

I am already a member of Value Research Stock Advisor. How will I be benefitted by upgrading/converting it into VR Premium?
- Vishal Bhatia

There isn't any provision to upgrade/convert. They are two completely different services.

Value Research Stock Advisor service is giving you a recommendation of stocks. Here Value Research analysts handpick stocks and want you to focus on stock selection and they keep track of the stocks being recommended.

On the other hand, Value Research Premium service is enabling individual investors to have a holistic view on their investment portfolio, which includes tracking of investments, get opinions on mutual funds and also get periodic inputs, setting alerts on funds/stocks, etc. It is a technological aid for investors who want to invest independently.

So, these two are completely different services, catering to two different requirements.

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