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How to make up for the lost time if you started investing late?

Dhirendra Kumar explains the only way to make up for the delayed start

How can one make up for the lost time if someone starts late, at the age of 35? Also, I would want to retire and get the corpus ready by the time I turn 55.
- Akshay Kutumbale

It's never too late. Start when you can. You still have 20 years. If you plan to retire by 55 or 60, you still have 20-25 years to invest, which is a good enough period for equity to fructify. Not only that, it is not that you retire, and then you turn all your investments into fixed income. You can very well retire, and it can remain in equity. If the income from your equity portfolio, which is of a nominal kind, is good enough for you to sustain, then even that's great news.

So start now. Invest in one or two good flexi-cap of focused funds and just be diligent. Also, make sure that you invest a little more than you normally would, i.e., work hard to increase your allocation. That is because many times, investors think that magic will happen. Magic does happen over a while, but you should be investing more for that to happen. Because if you don't put in the required sum of money, how will it grow to what you need? So how you can make up for the lost time is by investing aggressively as much as you can from here on.

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