Value Research Premium

Short and sweet

VR Premium offers a range of features and services that together do the job. It requires a deeper understanding.

Short and sweet

Have you heard of the phrase 'elevator pitch'? Wikipedia defines it as such: An elevator pitch, elevator speech, or elevator statement is a short description of an idea, product, or company that explains the concept in a way such that any listener can understand it in a short period of time.

There are many stories about how the phrase came into being. One often-repeated story is about the original quality guru Philip Crosby. Crosby was a quality engineer at the then tech giant ITT. He had some ideas about revolutionising quality in the company but could never get time with anyone senior at the company. So, he worked out a trick. He waited at an elevator at the company headquarters and managed to get in with the CEO. As they rode up, he delivered his short pre-prepared speech to the boss. By the time the CEO's floor arrived, he was so impressed that he asked Crosby to prepare a full presentation for the group of senior managers.

So, what does any of this have anything to do with investments? At Value Research, we have two premium services that provide specific investment recommendations to you: Value Research Stock Advisor and Value Research Premium. As you know, they're focussed on two different kinds of investments.

Stock Advisor is a stock-recommendation service which gives members a short list of recommended stocks, along with the accompanying analysis. It also emphasises that members steadily build positions in about 25 stocks, keep accumulating for at least five years and since these are all quality stocks, members should not run away because of volatility.

Value Research Premium, on the other hand, is a... There's the problem.

I have an elevator pitch for Stock Advisor but I don't have one for Value Research Premium! I can describe the essence of Stock Advisor in two sentences with just 55 words. With Value Research Premium, the story is a bit longer. An accurate and brief description would be 'Customised mutual fund recommendations, along with selected funds'. For investors who are attuned to the ins and outs of mutual fund investments, that's actually quite enough and tells you the entire story.

However, the difference between the two descriptions actually reveals something else. Value Research Premium is not just about funds as Stock Advisor is just about stocks. Instead, it starts with you. How old are you? What are your needs? How much do you save? What are you going to do with your savings? What are your financial goals in life? And so on. The funds grow out of that. Depending on the answers to the above questions, the same funds could be great for you, or absolutely useless. We have a shortlist of hand-picked funds that we will recommend, but different subsets are meant for different people.

When our stocks team puts a recommendation into Stock Advisor, we never think of anything like this. When I put a small gem of a private bank in that list, I don't really care who the investor is. You could be a 25-year-old just dabbling in equities for the first time or you could be a seasoned 60-year-old who is putting together a nest egg for her grandchildren. The stock's recommendation stands on its own. Clearly, a Premium mutual fund service has to deliver far more than that.

That makes Value Research Premium a complex service to describe (no elevator pitches!) and an equally complex one to evaluate. We've packaged a range of features and services that together do the job - there is no single headline-grabber here. It's only when we look at the whole package and see how they fit together does the real value appear.

Here are the main features:

Portfolio Planner: These are custom portfolios that are suggested to you as part of your premium membership. The algorithm that we have evolved takes into account your goals, your income, your saving capacity and a number of other factors.

Analyst's Choice: Often, investors want to choose their own funds for some particular investment purpose. There are over 1,400 available to you and even with the help of our rating system, it's a lot of work to zoom in to the right set. However, that won't be a problem for you because as a Premium member, you will have access to Analyst's Choice. Instead of the 37 official types of funds, we have created eight investor-oriented categories which match precisely with actual financial goals that you have. In each of these, my team of analysts and I have carefully selected a handful of funds that will serve you with the best outcomes.

Portfolio Analysis: Only a few members are starting their investing from scratch. For most of you, a big question is whether your existing investments fit into your goals? This is often a hard question to answer because there are a lot of implications of switching old investments, not the least of which is taxation. In the Premium system, you can get an evaluation and a suggested fix-list based on our expert teams' inputs.

Short and sweet

A lot more

Of course, those are just headline features. There are a lot more that will help you keep track of your investments, returns, diversification, taxation and practically everything else that will help you achieve your financial goals. Take a look at Value Research Premium for the full details. You could also check out Stock Advisor.

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