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Should I invest in all 10 recommended funds in the Growth bucket on VR Premium?

Ashutosh Gupta talks about the optimum number of funds in your portfolio and how to choose them using Value Research's Portfolio Planner tool

In the Premium account, there are 10 recommended funds in the Growth bucket. Should I invest in all of them?
- Umakant Devi

No, you should not invest in all the recommended funds. That would be far too many. Depending on your scale of investment, perhaps three to four funds are good enough. To make things much simpler for yourself, I would suggest you use the Portfolio Planner tool. It will pull out fund suggestions for you from the same list. It takes several dimensions into account. For instance, the scale of your investment, diversification at a fund house level, diversification across investing styles for some growth and some value flavour, some degree of international diversification, and carving out a separate allocation for mid cap and small-cap funds, if it fits. All these factors are taken into account by the Portfolio Planner tool while making some fund suggestions for you. So try and use it. I am sure you will find it extremely useful to zero down on your chosen funds.

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