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Why is there not much interest in S&P 500 funds?

Investors have preferred an alternate NASDAQ 100 fund because of its long history. Nevertheless, the S&P 500 funds might also start getting traction, opines Dhirendra Kumar

Why are people in India not talking about S&P 500 funds? Even the followers of Warren Buffet are not buying this fund. Please advise.
- Amandeep Singh

This is simply because this option wasn't there. Very recently, one fund company has launched the S&P 500 vehicle, that is one. Besides, Indian investors are looking at a very different kind of return.

If you look at the NASDAQ 100 fund, its performance, as well as the additional diversification, is what Indian investors require, besides their existing domestic portfolio. It is an older fund, with a superior track record but the S&P 500 fund may also gain popularity over a period of time.

But at the moment, instead of S&P 500, we have this Nasdaq 100, which has found traction. And I think it may just be a matter of time that S&P 500 will also find some takers. But I am not really sure because Indian investors tend to expect much higher returns.

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