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Performance of Axis Long Term Equity Fund

The fund's philosophy of sticking to quality companies has helped it make a big comeback than peers, says Dhirendra Kumar

What is your view on Axis Long Term Equity Fund, given the fact that its AUM has grown close to Rs 20,000 crore?
- Reddy

I am very upbeat about Axis Long term Equity fund and in fact, about all equity funds of the company. This is not only because the fund house has been able to withstand the current crisis but also it has been performing very well for the last two-three years. It has stuck to a quality and defined framework and done very well.

About three years back, the fund house went out of favour at a certain point but it still did not change its track. It stuck to its philosophy of sticking to something with quality. And it has actually helped the fund house make a big comeback than peers. This fund is not barred to invest in any size of a company and considering the strategy that it follows, I don't care that its AUM is close to Rs 20,000 crore now. It is a good fund and it will remain a good fund. But generally speaking, Rs 20,000 crore can drive to complacency which may lead to a few mistakes. I am just giving you riders. These are natural things that happen to humans as well as to funds. So, with that in mind, be a little cautious. But there is apparently nothing as of now that points to anything about which, you should be apprehensive.

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