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Value investing in turbulent times

The COVID-19 pandemic has provided investors with great opportunities, but a strategy is in order

Value investing in turbulent times

The world is experiencing an unprecedented event, even as the COVID-19 pandemic continues to take a toll on lives. With businesses and economies affected by this black swan event, what options do value investors have to safeguard themselves and to take advantage of the chaotic markets?

Those who identify themselves as value investors would no doubt like to make the most of the opportunities the market has to offer in the current crisis, and to lap up some of the great stocks available at unbelievable prices.

But a strategy is in order. Having a safety net and resources to fall back on remain a priority. On the investing front, owning good companies with reliable management, strong balance sheets and which are available at good prices should be the goal. And with the market fall we've witnessed, many good companies that were earlier overpriced now qualify as value buys.

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