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Should I postpone my SIPs for the time being?

Dhirendra Kumar suggests sticking to your SIPs during this market turmoil

Should I postpone my SIPs for the time being?

Amid this market panic, should I postpone my SIPs for the time being?
- Anonymous

Everybody is asking me this question right now. The answer is no, not at all. Unless you need this money in the near future, do not postpone your SIPs.

I don't know when the markets will recover or turn around - it may go up in three months, a year, three years or more. But this time allows you to buy cheap.

You should invest in equity, keeping a long-time frame in mind. So, if you are investing with a longer time frame of at least five years or more, then you should continue investing. Selling your investments today will make your losses permanent. Further, discontinuing your investments today will deprive you of the great opportunity hidden in the ability to buy cheap. No doubt, the kind of decline in such a brief period of time is painful and it isn't easy to insulate yourself from all these and carry on. But that's the correct thing to do.

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