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India's 100 most profitable companies

Read about what makes India's most profitable companies great investments, why we rejected certain hot stocks, and more in the September issue of Wealth Insight

Hottest and coldestSharpen your investment outlook with Value Research's annual study of profitability.

In the cover story of the September 2019 issue of Wealth Insight, read about Profit 100: India's Most Profitable Companies and get cues to what makes them great investments.

In our story about our Stock Advisor service, Hot stocks that we rejected and why see what and how to avoid choosing stocks that look good but can destroy wealth.

In Stock Screen, read about Quality stocks available cheap and reasonably priced growth stocks.

Plus, like every issue of Wealth Insight, we also have columns, interviews, and news to keep you updated to help you find and track the investments that will generate the best returns!

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