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Why are my funds not performing in line with Sensex?

Dhirendra Kumar reviews a portfolio and tells why it is not giving returns similar to Sensex

I had invested Rs 2 lakh in Axis Long Term Equity, Rs 1 lakh in ICICI Prudential Equity & Debt - Dividend and Rs 45,000 in HDFC Housing Opportunities Fund in December 2017. Since day one, these funds have not been performing well. At the time of my investment Sensex was at 31,000 level and today it is around 37,000. But still there has been no growth in my portfolio. I contacted the fund house to provide me with the details of exact holdings in these funds but they refused to do so. I feel there is no transparency in these funds and an investment in NSC would have been better than in mutual funds.
- Shubhendu

The kind of funds you are invested in, by no means claim to replicate Sensex. My advise has always been that making lumpsum investments is not a suitable way of investing in equity. Averaging out your investment is important for every investor.

As far as transparency of the funds is concerned, every fund house is required to present their fund's fact sheet every month. These fact sheet give details about all the holdings of each fund. The fact sheets can be easily found on their websites.

In case you want to invest in a fund that replicates an index then there are various low-cost options available. India's biggest equity ETF that replicates nifty comes with an expense ratio of only 10 basis points and can be easily invested into.

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