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Should I continue with my funds if they have fallen by 3.5 per cent?

Dhirendra Kumar tells if you should get anxious over five month performance of your fund

I have invested in 4 to 5 funds. They are: Axis Long Term Equity Fund, SBI Magnum Multicap, Kotak Select Focus, L&T Emerging Businesses Fund and ICICI Prudential Bluechip. Investment in two of my funds has moved down by around 3.5 per cent during the last 5 months. Should I continue investing in these funds or change my portfolio?
- Anil

You have chosen good funds. You should carry on with your investments. Also, these funds are not with a narrow mandate. Don't look fund performance over a five month period. It doesn't help. Investing in equity should be with a minimum time frame of five years or more. You can look at it but don't get anxious. And if you are a regular investor, you should be happy about it that you are buying it relatively cheaper. Funds selected by you are good. Stay on course.

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