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Dividends In Equity Schemes of SBI Mutual

SBI Mutual Fund has announced dividends in four of its equity schemes. A dividend of 12 per cent each has been announced under Magnum Pharma and Magnum Contra. The record date for the declaration of dividend is September 19, 2003 in case of Magnum Pharma and September 10, 2003 for Magnum Contra.

There has also been a dividend payout under two of its tax-saving schemes: 18 per cent dividend in MELS 96 (Record Date: September 10, 2003) and 15 per cent dividend under Magnum Taxgain (Record Date: September 26, 2003).

However, a half-yearly dividend of 6 per cent has also been announced under Magnum Income Fund, the record date for the same is September 18, 2003.