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Dividend Announced under UTI-Mastershare

UTI Mutual Fund has declared a dividend of 14 per cent i.e. Rs.1.40 per unit under UTI Mastershare. All unit holders whose names appear in the books as on September 18, 2003 will be eligible to receive the dividend. The book closure will be from 19th to 25th September 2003.

UTI Mastershare will be converted into an open-end scheme effective September 12, 2003 providing investors an opportunity to enter and exit the scheme any time except during the book-closure period. Investors who purchase units under the scheme from September 12 to September 18, 2003 (before 2.00 p.m.) will also be entitled for the dividend. During the book-closure period, there will be no sale or repurchase under the scheme.

Launched in September 1986, UTI Mastershare has been a consistent performer with 17 years of uninterrupted track record of dividends. There have also been two rights issues and three bonus issues since inception.