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Birla IT Announces Record Date For Dividend

Birla Mutual Fund has announced the record date for the declaration of dividend in the Dividend Plan of Birla IT Fund as January 14, 2003. All purchases made before 3.30 p.m. on the record date will be eligible to receive dividend declared, if any. For all investments in the Dividend Plan made between January 10, 2003 and January 14, 2003, the fund would charge an entry load of 1 per cent and an exit load of 2% if exited within 60 days.

Switches from the Growth Plan of Birla IT Fund to the Dividend Plan will not be charged an entry load. However, the exit load will also be applicable on switch outs/ lateral outs to the Growth Plan of Birla IT Fund or to any other scheme of Birla Mutual Fund within 60 days.