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UTI Announces Dividends

UTI has announced a dividend of 4 per cent (Rs.0.40 per unit on a face value of Rs.10), under its G-Sec Fund. UTI G-Sec Fund, launched in August 1999, has returned 13.42 per cent in the past one year. This is the fifth dividend pay out from the fund.

A 2 per cent dividend (Rs.2.00 per unit on a face value of Rs.100) has been announced under Unit Scheme for Charitable and Religious Trusts and Registered Societies (CRTS '81). CRTS '81 had earlier declared a dividend of 2.50 per cent in September 2002. This is an open-ended scheme for charitable trusts and religious societies with a corpus of over Rs.393 crores. The scheme is committed to distributing a minimum of 75% of the net annual distributable income periodically.

The record date for both the dividends is December 13, 2002.