What are top fund managers buying now? | Value Research At a time when the global markets are jittery and investors are confused, we tell you areas where experts are investing

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What are top fund managers buying now?

At a time when the global markets are jittery and investors are confused, we tell you areas where experts are investing


A short list of Value StocksStock investors love to find out what other investors are buying and selling while keeping their own moves secret.

So when those other investors are some of the biggest and most successful in the country, then it's not just exciting but also a great way of understanding the markets and enhancing your own returns. The cover story of the April 2018 issue of Wealth Insight is'What top fund managers are buying now', a unique analysis of the actual investments of what the biggest, most successful mutual funds and their fund managers are investing in.

Of course, like every month, there's a lot more in this issue that will help your investments.

  • First Page: Dhirendra Kumar shows how the old definitions of value investing need to be updated to today's markets
  • Special: Warren Buffett's latest letter to investors: Choice excerpts that you shouldn't miss
  • Interview: Jinesh Gopani, Head - Equity, Axis Mutual Fund: "PSU banks never fit into our criteria"
  • Market Compass:
    • The Pledging Tracker: Companies where pledged shares of promoters have risen or fallen the most
    • Crashing Big Time: Stocks that have crashed the most in the recent bear phase
    • Big Moves: In Small Cap Stocks
    • Index Watch: NSE PSU Bank
  • Straight Talk: Anand Tandon observes the alarm around the looming global trade war and gives us a refresher course in classical economics
  • Sanjeev Pandiya is a sceptic on 'shamonomics'. Read why over-reliance on macroeconomics is risky
  • Vis-a-vis: Bajaj Auto vs Eicher Motors
  • Analyst's Diary:
    • Slow and steady wins the race: Companies that have returned your full invested capital by way of dividends and earnings
    • On your mark, get set, invest: Here are some companies which are currently overvalued but worthy of investment at lower prices
    • Capping the capex: Here are some manufacturing companies that are growing without spending on new equipment and land
    • Making sense of IT companies: Industry-specific terminology that you need to know to analyse IT companies
  • Companies with moats: Our watchlist of companies that, being near-monopolies, have high chances of delivering consistent returns
  • Stock Screen: Read about these investment ideas that you can use now:
    • Quality stocks available cheap
    • Attractive blue chips
    • High dividend-yield stocks
    • Discount to book value
    • Reasonably priced growth stocks
  • Stock Analyst's Choice: Our regular scorecard of the stocks we've recommended since 2011 and their performance.

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