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Are equity savings fund of any use now?

Dhirendra Kumar tells whether equity savings fund would still be advantageous, after re-imposition of long-term capital gains tax

Are equity savings fund of any use now, given the LTCG tax?
- Amit

Yes. Think of it as simple allocation. These funds are around one-third in equity, one-third in arbitrage and one-third in fixed-income. They will be taxed at 10 per cent if you are holding it for more than a year. If you are mounting up a Systematic Withdrawal Plan (SWP) from an equity-savings fund, it will still make sense. One-third of money in equity itself brings convenience in re-balancing, without any tax-implications. This in itself is advantageous.

So, I think there could still be a case for equity savings fund but choose a growth plan, mount an SWP and have a limited withdrawal. Over a period of time, due to inflation, it may loose its charm but there still is a marginal case for them purely because of its asset allocation.

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