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How effective are the Nifty 50 funds?

Dhirendra Kumar discusses the advantages and effectivity of Nifty funds

How effective are the Nifty 50 funds?
- Arun

Transcript: There are quite a few Nifty funds available in the market, like the Junior Nifty funds, which are low-cost option. Many such variants of Nifty are now available as mutual funds. The best Nifty tracker has been Reliance Nifty BeES. Even the open-end structure that is available for Junior Nifty is quite interesting. These funds replicate the index, they are always low in cost, and there is always a ceiling on the expenses that they can charge. However, even with these, investing in Nifty funds may not be the best option. We have too many good funds with a long history of beating the benchmark.

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