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What are equity savings funds?

Dhirendra Kumar explains equity savings fund and points out the unique advantage it provides

Answer transcript: Its a new nomenclature. Different companies configure them differently. However, the basic idea is that they invest a third in equity, a third in arbitrage and a third in fixed income. The risk profile is fixed income but their tax profile is that of equity. These are conservative funds. Think of them as MIPs which are treated as equity funds from a taxation point of view, thus making your long term funds tax-free. Most MIPs don't go beyond 15-18% in equity, but these funds can be 33% in equity. These are low-risk funds and have a relatively low allocation to equity funds.

From a utility point of view, conservative investors trying to seek income from their investment and not wanting to assume great risk (even of the type found in balanced funds) should look at them. These are desirable funds for conservative investors seeking reasonable returns with great stability.

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